Workshops & Training

Community Futures Middlesex offers workshops designed for businesses at all stages of development, providing (for example) tools for enhancing performance, reaching new markets, streamlining accounting, or sourcing employees. With an expansive network at our disposal, we are able to share the business expertise and knowledge of our Board of Directors and community partners.

Some of the workshop topics may include:

  • Cash Flow Projects and Break-Even Analysis
  • Cyber Security and Privacy Risks
  • Digital HR Recruitment Resources and Tools
  • Grants, Subsidies and Other Forms of Financing for Small Business
  • Launching Your Rural or Home-Based Small Business
  • Market Research and Analysis Resources and Tools
  • Mobile or Remote Home-Based Worker Survival Tips
  • Online Retail and E-Commerce Platforms and Tools
  • Personal and Business Tax Insights
  • Return to Work Protocols, Employment Standards, Policies and Procedures
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing Platforms and Tools
  • Succession Planning for Small Business
  • Understanding Intellectual Property
  • Use of Bookkeeping and Accounting Software
  • Validating Your Small Business Idea

COVID-19 has forced businesses to rethink many of their operational practices. In response to this ever-changing environment, we are in the process of developing an even stronger workshop presence, with many of these workshops of the future expected to be hosted online.