The EDGE 3.0

EDGE 3.0 offers new and existing clients of Community Futures Middlesex (CF Middlesex) with access to loans of up to $300K at interest rates as low as prime to support strategic growth or expansion of their business. 

This is a limited time financing opportunity designed to stimulate continued investment in the economic development, growth and viability of rural communities located throughout Middlesex County (outside the City of London).  

EDGE 3.0 clients will be financed with support of our Board of Directors.  The most favourable interest rates and terms will be reserved for entrepreneurs and small business owners that are looking to invest or who have already invested in strategic priority areas identified by CF Middlesex, the federal government, county and/or local municipal partners.

Examples of strategic priority areas include new or existing main street retail, professional service provider, agriculture and agri-food processing, health and biosciences, clean, advanced manufacturing, digital, non-profit, tourism, innovative and inclusive businesses.

The team at CF Middlesex however is always open to learning more about the unique story of your business and how it contributes to the local or regional economy of Middlesex County.                          

Program Application Details


New and existing clients of CF Middlesex may request an EDGE 3.0 loan of up to $300,000. If additional funds are required to support your initiative or project they potentially could be internally or externally financed through our regular loan products. Interest rates for our regular loan products range from prime plus 2% to 3.25% dependent on risk and security provided.

Funding Usage, Rates and Terms

Recipients can use EDGE 3.0 funds for any legitimate business purpose, including but not limited to the purchase of fixed assets, leasehold improvements, inventory and working capital. Funds cannot be used to repay existing loans with CF Middlesex or Government COVID-19 Relief funding products.

The prime interest rate for issued EDGE 3.0 loans will be guaranteed for up to 5 years (60 months).  At which point, loans can be renewed at current prime rate plus 2%. The maximum potential amortization period for these loans will be 15 years.   The specifics of which will be determined based on the nature of your business and level of funding requested.   

New client intake for EDGE 3.0 loan product closed as March 31 2023.