Lisa Plant never doubted that health care was the right path for her when she embarked on her career over 20 years ago. She has always felt an immense sense of pride knowing that what she does is truly making a difference in someone’s life. But, as Lisa points out, our health care system is currently in crisis. With a lack of workers to staff facilities and hospitals and insufficient support from management, individuals have begun to look for alternative care services, most opting to stay in the home they love with the ones they love. After working as a staff member in a large facility and experiencing these shortcomings firsthand, Lisa felt an obligation to those she supported and wanted to help patients access the best care possible. This inspired her to push for better services with ethical care and she opened Serenity at Home Support Services Inc. in the spring of 2016. “Becoming a female entrepreneur with no business experience certainly offered its hurdles, but with support of my family, friends, and community I just kept pushing forward.”

Operating out of Lucan has had a unique impact on both Lisa and Serenity at Home. Having lived in Lucan for 10 years, Lisa has grown to care deeply for the town and its residents. Like many rural Middlesex County communities, Lucan is a quaint place where everyone knows and supports each other, and Lisa is proud to offer her services to her own community and beyond. “Lucan and the surrounding areas in the county are considered rural, and many service providers are unable to arrange staffing in these areas. Serenity at Home is filling this gap and keeping more people in their homes and out of an already overwhelmed system”, says Lisa.

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic hit every industry hard, with lockdowns and mandates. One way hospitals and long-term care facilities were impacted was through staffing shortages, which continue to be felt today. Because of this, many people are choosing home care, and Serenity at Home is meeting that need. What makes Lisa’s business unique from other service providers is the number of services offered. Serenity at Home offers personal care, companion care, dementia care, meal prep, shopping, childcare, pet care, home care, transportation services, in-house fitness classes, lawn care and more. “At Serenity at Home, we understand that staying at home when you have health concerns requires more assistance than just personal care. You are assigned the same staff so staff can learn client’s specific likes, dislikes and routines. Having consistent staff makes it easier to notice any changes in a client’s health.” Lisa and her team also know the importance of offering services aimed at caregivers who are supporting their loved ones on a daily basis. They ensure that these individuals can be allowed time to themselves and more quality time with their loved ones.

Lisa put her heart and soul into opening Serenity at Home, but as she puts it, she “lacked the knowledge of how to put a business plan in place.” This motivated her to reach out to Community Futures Middlesex where she was connected with Business and Loans Advisor Cindy Viner. “Cindy worked closely with me and truly cared about me and my goals for the future. She helped me make my dream a realization and with her support and guidance I was operational within months.” Not only did Lisa utilize the business advisory resources of CF Middlesex, she also accessed funding which allowed her to keep her business moving forward. “I will forever be grateful to the business help centre and to Cindy for all they have done and continue to do… together we are making a difference.”

Lisa and her team are not just care givers; they are also advocates. Lisa says that advocating for clients has become essential for their overall health and wellbeing and is critical in the formation of the client- caregiver relationship. “Providing [clients] with the necessary support, so they can continue to live the best life possible warms my heart. It is so motivational seeing clients and staff happy, cared for, and listened to.” Serenity at Home Support Services is continually accepting new clients. If you or someone you know requires home care services, consider reaching out to Lisa and her team.

Picture: Left, Lisa Plant Executive Director. Right, Sarah Brazeau Assistant Executive Director


“We had Lisa of Serenity at Home come to our house for a family gathering in February 2023. She discussed what was available to us, which was just about everything and more. We all appreciated this time, as she answered all the questions and set us at ease. She started when Sam came home from the hospital, attending to his personal care, comfort, exercise every morning and then filling the rest of the time with cleaning, preparing food for meals etc. It has been a great motivator for Sam and a blessing for me, allowing me time to go out knowing he will be cared for. Her personnel, Halle and Brenda, have been awesome individuals doing all that was asked for them. Thank you Lisa, Halle and Brenda.”

Sam and Nancey Taylor, Lucan On. (July 19, 2023)

“We hired Lisa in the fall of 2020, when my mother-in-law’s arthritis started to cripple her. As her health issues took more and more of her mobility, Lisa filled the care void my husband and I could not; from personal care including showers and haircuts, meal preparation, home keeping and friendship. Lisa, always with a smile on her face, did everything my mother-in-law required and more. My mother-in-law told me how well Lisa looked after her, often saying she has “never been so pampered”. Lisa also suggested practical solutions for my husband and I to help my mother-in-law with. Due to Lisa’s exceptional care, my mother-in-law was able to stay in her own home an additional 8 months and that was her greatest wish. We couldn’t have honored that wish without Lisa.”

Terri and Bob Barr, Lucan On. 2021

Story by Claire Swift, Business Development and Community Outreach Intern