Shauna Keene always had an interest in fashion, and combined with her background in retail and sales, she was inspired to start her own clothing business. When going shopping, Shauna realized that the clothing available for women weren’t very inclusive. She wanted to offer clothing for women that was inclusive of many different shapes and sizes while also being comfortable and fashionable. Shauna started off by selling clothes in pop-up shops in local markets. From there on, she saw that people were gaining an interest in her clothing, and decided to expand and host private shopping parties and fashion shows for community members. Eventually, with her growing customer base, Shauna realized that it was time to open up a storefront location for her store.  Her first location was in Ilderton, Ontario. After a few years in Ilderton, Lace Boutique relocated to Lucan.

Lace Boutique is a one-of-a-kind shop that offers a unique in-person shopping experience. Customers can come in and enjoy their time browsing through the wide selection of clothing while also socializing with their friends. The boutique’s interior aesthetic and welcoming environment makes it feel more like a home than a store. Along with clothing, Lace Boutique has a commercial kitchen within the building and a baker that prepares fresh pastries. Customers can spend some time outside relaxing in the fresh air while grabbing a bite in the Garden Café where there is a patio and bar. The social atmosphere of Lace Boutique makes for an exciting shopping experience.

Lace Boutique offers a wide variety of products, from tops, dresses, and loungewear, to accessories like hats, bags, scarves and jewelry. The clothing is made of high quality fabrics such as denim and bamboo. The selection is inclusive of various sizes and styles that appeal to different body types, age groups, and preferences.

Customer satisfaction is a priority. The staff at Lace Boutique are very friendly and helpful. Shauna is always ready to help customers with her advice and recommendations. She encourages customers to take their time while shopping and try on different outfits so they can see how they feel before making a purchase. There is a longer return period as well in case they change their minds. The goal is to ensure that everyone feels satisfied with their purchase and has a genuine and positive experience while shopping at the boutique.

Lace Boutique offers special perks for customers such as an exclusive membership. When customers sign up for the membership, they become Insiders. The Insiders get first access to the weekly new arrivals, and they receive discounts, special deals, and gifts.

Over the years, Shauna has developed a large following and loyal customer base and she is grateful for the support she has received from the communities in Ilderton and Lucan. Her customers have been very supportive throughout the transition from Ilderton to Lucan, and during the brief pivot to an online model during the pandemic.

Community gatherings and social events are important aspects of the business. Lace Boutique hosts exciting events throughout the year, such as fashion shows, where the season’s new collection is presented to customers.

Stay informed of new product arrivals and upcoming events by visiting her online store, following her on social media, or becoming a member of her exclusive insider club.

The team at Community Futures Middlesex has been very supporting of Lace Boutique as the business continues to evolve. “They have a wealth of knowledge, offer great advice, and keep me updated on information to support the growth of my business. I’ve learned a lot through attending workshops and leveraging their programs and services.” said Shauna.

If you are looking for high quality clothing that is both comfortable and fashionable, stop by Lace Boutique at 213 Main Street Lucan for a fun shopping experience. Enjoy a latté, fresh baking, glass of wine, or charcuterie on the patio while you spend quality time with your friends and discover new clothes for your wardrobe.