For Amber and Eric Bos, entrepreneurship runs in the family. Following in the footsteps of Amber’s parents, John and Sandra Benjamins owners of Silver Dove Estates, the couple decided they wanted to begin their own entrepreneurial journey. The main drive to take this leap was to spend more time with family, learn from John and Sandra’s expertise and have the time to start building their own family. When deciding what exactly their own business would look like, Amber and Eric knew they wanted to be able to work alongside Amber’s parents and establish a succession plan with Silver Dove Estates. So, when the opportunity to sell Elevation Park Models arose, Eric and Amber jumped at the chance to become a dealership for the sale of affordable park model homes which would be placed within Silver Dove Estates. Because of this, Homes on Thames Ridge was born.

The goal of Homes on Thames Ridge is to provide high quality, affordable homes aimed at families and snow birds. Each home comes with hydro, water, and septic hookup, along with professionally poured concrete pads, driveway and landscaping, and honest professional customer service on site at Silver Dove Estates. Eric and Amber are aiming to sell 2 homes this year with the eventual goal of filling 65 sites with 11-month park model homes. This will also contribute to the larger goal of assisting Silver Dove Estates in receiving more revenue through lease fees when these park model homes are purchased and placed on their property.

For Eric and Amber, the most special aspect of working with John and Sandra is the flexibility to work together financially and practically with one common goal. They are able to collectively carry the weight of being entrepreneurs while allowing each other to make time for the things that are important. “[Our] daughter loves trailing behind her Mom and Dad to visit Grandma and Grandpa every day. And when [we] are meeting with clients to show a home, Grandma is able to enjoy quality time with her grandchildren.” Amber and Eric are also able to take the reins at Silver Dove Estates when John and Sandra are in need of time away.


Not only has Community Futures played a part in Eric and Amber’s entrepreneurial journey, they were also an important source of support for helping Silver Dove Estates flourish into the successful business and family getaway that it is today. Because they knew the value of CF Middlesex, John and Sandra encouraged Eric and Amber to pursue their hopes of becoming entrepreneurs and were able to co-sign the CF Middlesex loan which allowed Homes on Thames Ridge to come to fruition. “Without the help of Community Futures Middlesex [we] would not have been able to secure a dealership with Elevation Park Models or support Silver Dove Estates.”

For more information about both Homes on Thames Ridge and Silver Dove Estates, visit their website at HOME | Homes On Thames Ridge (

Story by Claire Swift, Business Development and Community Outreach Intern