Rooted in the tradition of their family’s multi-generational business, Colleen and Gregory Crunican are branching out with an entrepreneurial journey of their own — Generations Cider Co.

“Gregory had dreamed of starting a cider business for many years, and we finally decided to take the leap and start one together,” Colleen said.

For over 100 years, the Crunican family has been providing fresh Ontario apples by way of their family farm, with four generations devoted to providing high-quality products to families in Middlesex County and beyond.

“Businesses are always looking for ways to diversify, and we thought this would be a nice addition to our family’s well-established farm market store.”

Generations Cider Co. provides a variety of small-batch alcoholic ciders made with 100% Ontario-grown apples, offering patrons another way to support their local farm and community. Currently, Gregory and Colleen are focusing their efforts on selling both in the Crunican market store, as well as traveling to markets in an effort to showcase their products further.

The sibling duo has also set very clear goals for themselves and their new venture, both in the short and long term.

“We hope to make the store not only a destination for our apples and other local products but for our hard cider as well. In the long term, it would be great to have a designated tasting room and an outdoor area where community members can enjoy a glass of cider at our property.”

Colleen has found that rural communities in Middlesex County and beyond have offered the business overwhelming support. Hearing of the excitement local community members have for the new venture while participating in multiple farmers’ markets such as Ilderton, Exeter, and Stratford has been very encouraging for them.

“Rural communities are special — a lot of people know of Crunican Orchards, and the support we have seen from loyal customers at the store has been incredible. When they hear the story behind our cider and understand it is the ‘next generation’ that started making cider, they almost always buy a bottle.”

Running a business with family isn’t always easy, but as Colleen explained, “it is also extremely rewarding. We have learned a lot about each other since our business launched in March 2023.”

Through their new venture, Colleen and Gregory are able to carry on the tradition of running a family-owned business, while also exploring new avenues that interest them as individuals.

Generations Cider Co. has been in contact with Community Futures Middlesex since the beginning of their journey. “We would not be where we are today without Community Futures Middlesex! Since our first conversation with them, they have been informative, and one of our biggest supporters.”