Phil and Kathy Moddle’s dream of countryside living became a reality when they embarked on their entrepreneurial journey at Arrowwood Farm in Melbourne, Ontario. With a passion for hospitality and farming, they seized the opportunity to turn their vision into a thriving reality.

“It was a good fit for us,” Phil said. “Kathy is gifted in hospitality and food preparation, and I have always been interested in farming.”

Starting with modest goals, Phil and Kathy focused on short-term plans while laying the groundwork for long-term success. Over six years, they diligently revived a 1.5-acre blueberry farm, expanding it to an impressive 3.5 acres. Simultaneously, their catering services flourished from one wedding to nearly 20 annually, along with numerous family, community, and corporate events.

“We have also catered to many different family and community events, including many corporate events. We are anticipating close to 100 different events on and off the farm this year, including weddings.”

What sets Arrowwood Farm apart is its diverse offerings, catering not only to wedding guests but also to the public through monthly dinner events, patio lunches, and weekly October lunches. With year-round indoor and seasonal outdoor venues, as well as an expansive acreage for various activities, Arrowwood Farm provides a unique experience for all.

“We have a year-round indoor venue with our timber frame Harvest Table where we host a winter concert series, an outdoor seasonal venue with our new Summerhouse Pavilion, as well as a large acreage available for ceremonies or other activities like cut-your-own flower events and even a small group of animals people can visit for no charge.”

Throughout their journey, Community Futures Middlesex has been a vital partner, facilitating the farm’s acquisition and supporting their expansion projects, including the construction of the Summerhouse Pavilion.

“Community Futures Middlesex was instrumental in helping us purchase the farm in 2014. They also helped us secure financing for our Summerhouse Pavilion, which will replace tent weddings and allow us to have larger farm-related events.”

For Phil and Kathy, the fulfillment derived from operating Arrowwood Farm is multifaceted. Phil delights in sharing the farm’s beauty and biodiversity with visitors, while Kathy cherishes the role their property plays in couples’ special moments.

“It would be exciting to see a gradual influx of people working and living on the land in our rural areas. We would welcome a variety of small businesses, tourist-related and otherwise, to encourage local development.”

Looking ahead, their vision extends beyond Arrowwood Farm to fostering rural community development in Southwest Middlesex. They aspire to see an influx of people and businesses enriching the local landscape, all while continuing to provide a serene haven for celebrations and appreciation of nature’s splendor.

Experience the tranquility and charm of Arrowwood Farm for yourself! Visit their website for booking information, upcoming events, and more.