Small Business Loans

Who Qualifies?

Small business owners and entrepreneurs located in Middlesex County who, for whatever reason, are unable to qualify for financing through other lending institutions. CFDC funding programs exist to help grow Middlesex’s economy and create new employment opportunities in our region.

How Much Funding is Available?

Small business financing programs are typically capped at a maximum of $300,000, and are subject to meeting program criteria. Occasionally, CFDC will partner with other Community Futures Development Corporations and use the Western Ontario Rural Capital (WORC) Pool to finance projects up to $600,000, if those projects benefit multiple CFDC regions.

How Do I Apply?

For new business ventures, refer to the loan application below. You will have to provide a business plan, projected cash flow statements, and a personal financial statement. For businesses already in operation, we will need to see previous financial statements. Please contact us by emailing the address above.

What is the Interest Rate?

The interest rates are favourable in comparison to various other financial support systems currently available in the marketplace.

Application Forms

DISCLAIMER: Please download all forms before filling them out. Do not fill them out in your web browser.