Small Business Loans

We provide small business loans of up to $300,000 when entrepreneurs are ready to grow or accelerate their development. Applications are submitted to the Loans Committee and Board of Directors for review and approval. Additional funding may be available through the WORC Pool.

Additional Information

Small business loans help entrepreneurs in Middlesex County looking for significant financial assistance to grow their businesses. As character lenders, we support entrepreneurs whose business ideas and plans we believe in, whether they qualify for investment through traditional lenders or not.

For new business owners, refer to the loan application and its checklist. Aside from the application, we require a business plan, cash flow projections, and your personal financial statement. For businesses already in operation, we will also need to review your previous financial statements.

The interests rates vary from one client to another, but they are favourable and more flexible compared to other financial lenders.

Application Forms and Documents

Click the “Download Now” button below to save all required forms and documents to your device. The downloaded file will be a ZIP folder. Learn how to access the files within a ZIP folder on Windows 10, MacOS, Android and iOS.

If you are working on an Apple device with Numbers, please save and submit your cash flow projections as a Microsoft Excel file. Remember to save all other documents as PDF files before submitting them to upon completion.