Small Business Financing

Community Futures Middlesex offers small business loans to new and expanding businesses in Middlesex County. Loans up to $300,000 are generally available, but some circumstances may allow us to lend higher amounts to qualified applicants under unique conditions. For example, if a small business requires more than $300,000 in funding, there is the potential for us to partner with a fellow Community Futures Development Corporation. This could allow up to $600,000 in small business loans if the project benefits both Middlesex and the co-funder’s region.

If traditional financial institutions have refused to invest in your idea, we are often able to serve as the bridge between your small business and commercial banks. When small business owners and entrepreneurs are beginning their endeavours, it can be challenging to receive loans and other funds due to the bank’s risk assessment. We are willing to take on higher-risk projects if the client presents an innovative idea that will create future job opportunities and facilitate economic growth. For us, a person’s character speaks volumes and increases the likelihood of obtaining a small business loan.

When considering whether or not to extend a loan or other financing, our goal is to facilitate the small business financing cycle. As displayed in the image above, our pool of investment funds depends on the ongoing generation and development of your business ideas. We support the ideas (that meet our support criteria) by extending financing, allowing entrepreneurs like you to transform your ideas into a small business. As your business becomes successful, the business becomes capable of making loan repayments in a timely manner. When we receive these re-payments, our capital reserves grow and we gain increased ability to assist other entrepreneurs. This is an ongoing cycle that is intended to replenish itself constantly to support the future of Middlesex’s economy.

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