Small Business Financing

We offer small business loans to new and expanding businesses, social enterprises and revenue-generating non-profits in Middlesex County. Loans of up to $300,000 are available through us, but some instances may allow us to lend more to eligible applicants.

If an applicant is interested in more than $300,000 in funding, there is the potential for us to access the Rural Ontario Capital (WORC) Pool through the Western Ontario Community Futures Development Corporation Association (WOCFDCA). The WORC Pool offers funding of up to $350,000 on top of our loans of up to $300,000.

If you are unable to access funding from a traditional lender, we are often able to serve as the bridge between your business and the banks. When entrepreneurs are starting their endeavours, it can be challenging to receive loans and other funds.

We can take on more risk if our team believes in the applicant’s business plan and idea. For us, a person’s character is often enough for us to invest in them, while our business consulting and counselling services fill in the gaps for their lack of experience.

When considering the approval of a loan, our overall goal is to maintain the small business financing cycle. Our pool of investment funds depends on the ongoing creation and development of business ideas.

We support ideas that meet our criteria through financing, allowing entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into a reality.

As your business grows, it becomes capable of making loan repayments in a timely manner.

When we receive these repayments, our investment funds grow and we gain increased ability to assist other entrepreneurs.

This cycle is ongoing and intends to continually restock itself to support the long-term success of Middlesex County’s economy.