What is a Microloan?

A microloan of up to $30,000 can be approved relatively quickly by the Community Futures Middlesex General Manager, subject to meeting financing criteria.

Who Qualifies?

Small business founders or owners in Middlesex County who, for whatever reason, do not qualify for financing from other financial institutions. Ultimately, we want to support those who want to start a business and have the ability to start a business and who need unique or additional support to be successful.

How Much Funding is Available?

Microloan funding is available up to a maximum of $30,000 but is still subject to certain criteria.

How Do I Apply?

For new business ventures, refer to the checklist on pages one and two of the loan application. A business plan, projected cash flow statements, and a personal financial statement will be required. For businesses already in operation, we will need to review previous financial statements.

What is the Interest Rate?

The interest rates are favourable in comparison to various other financial support systems.

Application Forms

DISCLAIMER: Please download all forms before filling them out. Do not fill them out in your web browser.