Since the onset of COVID-19, many have discussed the concept of a “cave” — the immense and consistent messaging that accompanied the pandemic of staying safe, remaining distanced and keeping away from large gatherings. We have now entered deep into our caves, otherwise known as our homes, as the danger has slowly eased.

Despite this progress toward a return to normal, there is fear and anxiety in many people about going back to work, especially as we head into the winter. These anxious feelings are normal during uncertain and unpredictable times, but learning how to mitigate anxiety and take action is critical to regaining control of your everyday life.

This edition of our webinar series — Coming Out of the Cave: Solutions to Address Return to Work Anxiety — was a 45-minute session hosted by Michael Lewis on October 14, 2021. He takes you through dealing with anxiety as a business owner and addressing customers’ concerns in a post-pandemic society.