The COVID pandemic had a disproportionate impact on the lives of women.  It served to highlight the significant role that women play in our social, economic and political fabric. For some, the barriers faced by some women were even more pronounced.   Our goal in hosting our 7th Annual International Women’s Day Event and Celebration is to profile stories of inclusive and innovative female entrepreneurs and women supporting women to overcome these barriers.   Collectively showcasing what we have to gain through building an environment of increased diversity, inclusion, networking, engagement and support.

Emm Gryner captivated our audience as our keynote speaker and performer at our IWD event at the Fire Rock Golf Club in March 2020.  One week prior to onset of the pandemic here in Canada. Emm shared her life story of how her voice became her source of inspiration in navigating life’s challenges.   She then published her Amazon best-selling book, The Healing Power of Singing, reinvented herself and her career.  

Join us on March 8, 2024, for an update from Emm on how she kept a positive outlook during one of the biggest periods of uncertainty faced by everyone.