Community Economic Development

The backbone of Middlesex County’s economy is small businesses and entrepreneurs. Further developing the community’s vibrant business environment is essential to our future. The Community Futures Development Corporation program exists to support the continual improvement of rural communities, facilitating innovation without changing our inherent identity.

Our commitment to community economic development (CED) is highlighted by special events hosted throughout the year, such as the annual International Women’s Day Symposium. This event gathers successful businesswomen in Middlesex and celebrates their vast accomplishments, sharing their stories and experiences of navigating the business world. Community Futures Middlesex continually encourages female entrepreneurs and small business owners to follow their dreams in the face of adversity.

Working closely with the communities we serve, Community Futures Middlesex is able to provide project management support, leveraging of funds, promotion, and proposal writing to assist with the continued growth of communities in the area. The projects we support and partner with must have multiple community-based advantages and are typically subject to meeting the following requirements:

Economic Benefits

We consider the long-term economic future of Middlesex County when supporting and partnering with projects. Therefore, any CED project we engage in must provide long-term economic benefits to the region. Our support can be the first step toward establishing a long-lasting community development project.

Independent Future Sustainability 

For a CED project to have long-term economic benefit to Middlesex County, it cannot rely on government funding to sustain itself. Self-sustainability is crucial for any community-based or rural project to succeed.  Aside from financial support, our expertise and business knowledge will provide CED projects with the tools to remain healthy and long-lasting.

Joint Funding

As a community-based organization with a limited pool of investment funds, we do not have the capacity to solely support most CED projects. Whether it is through public or private financing, any CED initiative we support must leverage funds of others. We are here to fill in the gaps, serving as a stepping stone in the development and execution of CED projects across Middlesex.

Local Job Creation

This is arguably the most important element of any CED project, which is the creation of jobs over a long period of time. Creating and maintaining local jobs is the foundation of a strong economy, whether it is in an urban or rural area. As a result, your CED initiative must have room for increased job opportunities, encouraging people to stay in Middlesex and perhaps even invest in its economy.