Community Economic Development

The backbone of Middlesex County’s economy is entrepreneurs and small business owners. Further developing the community’s vibrant business environment is essential to our future. We exist to support the continual improvement of our rural communities, facilitating growth and development without changing our rural identity.

Our commitment to community economic development (CED) is highlighted by projects and initiatives hosted throughout the year, such as our annual International Women’s Day event. Featuring successful businesswomen in Middlesex County, this event celebrates their accomplishments, sharing their stories and experiences of navigating the business world.

Working closely with our rural communities, we also support the projects and initiatives led by our partners. Through our voice and influence, we collaborate with others to build thriving communities. We intend to accomplish three primary goals through our CED projects and initiatives:

Building Relationships

Our team believes in collaboration over competition. Establishing relationships with other community organizations will go a long way in helping us achieve our goals, objectives and key priorities.

Maintaining Partnerships

We appreciate that we cannot be everything to everyone. Through municipal, regional and professional partnerships, we intend to serve a defined role in Middlesex County.

Strengthening Communities

Everything we do supports our overarching goal of strengthening communities in Middlesex County, but our relationships and partnerships are vital to the success of our efforts.