Business Loans & Financing

We provide flexible business financing options based on the unique needs of every client. Our consulting and counselling services complement the client’s financial support, offering guidance and assistance through the decision-making and planning processes. Clients are not required to access our business loans and financing if they receive consulting and counselling support.

In collaboration with our staff, the Loans Committee must approve all business financing decisions. This committee is a group of local business professionals who also serve on our Board of Directors. Their diverse backgrounds, knowledge and expertise results in a team that considers all areas of support required to help your business launch or expand.

Entrepreneurs are more than a business plan to us — their passion and desire to succeed are considered an asset. We are here to work with them, offering answers to their questions and concerns every step of the way.

Eligibility Requirements

Business Location

Must be located within the geographic boundaries of Middlesex County, excluding the City of London.

Growth Phase

Can be at any point between the startup and expansion stages of business development.

Use of Funding

Business costs such as purchasing fixed assets, leasehold improvements, inventory or working capital.


We offer microloans to support entrepreneurs and business owners when they are ready to launch or in need of a slight financial boost. With funding of up to $30,000 available, decisions are made by the General Manager for a quick turnaround time during the application process.

Small Business Loans

We provide small business loans of up to $300,000 when entrepreneurs are ready to grow or accelerate their development. Applications are submitted to the Loans Committee and Board of Directors for review and approval. Additional funding may be available through the WORC Pool.