About Us

The Region We Serve

Middlesex County includes a geographic area of just under 3,000 square kilometres, comprised of eight rural communities that form a horseshoe around the City of London. Community Futures Middlesex exists to serve entrepreneurs and small businesses located in the following communities:

Strategic Priorities

Our mission is to support the vision and success of Middlesex County entrepreneurs through education, guidance and funding. We strive to be the champion of entrepreneurial opportunities in Middlesex County to build and strengthen thriving communities.

The four identified strategic priority areas are all linked and support each other. These connections build and strengthen our strategic plan.

Entrepreneur Business Support

With $8 million available to invest in Middlesex entrepreneurs and businesses, the disbursement of these funds is undoubtedly our greatest priority. In addition to these investment funds, we are also driven to support entrepreneurs through business consulting and education. Whether it is a one-on-one meeting or a group workshop, we are determined to deliver the best entrepreneur business support as we possibly can.


Our organization sees the value in building and maintaining strong relationships with our community partners. We view ourselves as collaborators rather than competitors, which includes our relation to the banks, credit unions and other local professionals. Through mutually beneficial relationships, we can serve our defined role as a resource for business entrepreneur support in Middlesex County alongside our community partners.


If we intend to fulfill our mission and vision, increased awareness of our programs and services will be a requirement. By utilizing both digital and traditional media, while also expanding our physical presence, we can reach our key geographies, demographics, sectors and target audiences across Middlesex County. Ultimately, the goal is to establish ourselves as a leader in business financing, consulting and education.

Community Voice

In building partnerships and raising local awareness as a resource for entrepreneur business support, we also work to strengthen and entrench our community voice. Our desire is to influence and contribute to community planning and economic development initiatives across Middlesex County. Any time there is an initiative for entrepreneurs and businesses in the region, we want to be active participants and contributors at the table.