Celebrating the Success of Our Clients

Mostafa Heikal and Noura Elbeialy 

Community Futures Middlesex is extremely proud that one of our clients, Angels Childcare, received the 2022/23 Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Community Futures Ontario (CFO) Provincial Conference hosted in Ottawa (April 30 – May 3 2023).

Mostafa Heikal and his wife, Noura Elbeially, immigrated from Egypt to Canada in 2015.  After choosing to settle in London to raise their family in early 2019, they quickly determined that an “unmet need” existed for convenient and affordable childcare services within the region.   At the time, approximately 97% of local childcare centers had families on wait lists for at least 6 months.   They believed there could be a better solution and began to investigate options.

With business advisory and financial support from CF Middlesex, Mostafa and Noira opened their first licensed childcare facility in a vacant church property in a rural community outside the City of London in December of 2019.   When operating at capacity, this new facility would provide 60 childcare spots and employ 20 staff.    The pandemic hit in March of 2020 forcing its closure for 3 months during the lockdown.   

Angels Childcare focused their efforts on being prepared to meet demand as more workers returned to the office.  They advocated for equitable access to general operating grants and fee subsidies that allowed them to offer childcare services that were more convenient, accessible for all, regardless of personal finances or location.    

At a time when other businesses scaled back, Mostafa and Noura continued to invest in building the capacity of their business to provide childcare services.  Focus remained on recruitment of new staff to work at facilities which would eventually open up in other vacant churches, bank branches and strip malls within rural communities across Middlesex County and beyond.

By the end of 2022, Angels Childcare had opened four new licensed childcare facilities, offering more than 248 childcare spots and employing more than 60 people.  Their annual payroll has grown to more than $2.5 million and they have a waitlist of 1000 families actively looking for a childcare solution.

Mostafa and Noura remain committed to creation of new childcare spots and offering meaningful career opportunities for individuals with an interest in working within the early childhood education sector.

Increasing the availability of affordable and high-quality childcare is recognized as essential element to increasing the economic viability of rural communities.  As a result, CF Middlesex remains committed to supporting the continued success of Angels Childcare.

We anticipate that they will continue to expand their reach throughout rural Southwestern Ontario and remain open to exploring how we might be of additional assistance or support.  We greatly value the relationship that we have developed.

London Free Press recently published an article about their story. 

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